Common Credit Management Terms

  • Charge
    A lien, preference or financial obligation attached to property.

  • Collateral
    Property that is pledged as security against a debt.

  • Conditional discharge
    Discharge of a bankrupt with specific conditions to be fulfilled before receiving an absolute discharge.

  • Conditional sale
    The sale of goods where the buyer receives possession of goods or property, but does not receive title to them until specific conditions are fulfilled.

  • Conservatory measures
    Actions taken to preserve the interests of the bankrupt's estate under the Act.

  • Corporation
    An entity (usually a business) having authority under law to act as a single person distinct from the shareholders who own it, and has the legal powers that its articles of incorporation grant it.

  • Creditor
    One to whom a debt is owed; in insolvency matters, a person or corporation having a claim provable under the Act.


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