Excel Essentials for Credit Professionals - Part 2

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Each topic in our Excel Essentials for Credit Professionals Series is designed to help you  solve a range of problems utilizing a class of functions and/or tools that are often overlooked.  In this one-hour webinar our returning guest speaker, Nick Kenyeres, will cover Excel’s lookup functions (vlookup & hlookup) and conditional formatting.

Stay ahead of the curve by joining us to learn how you can benefit by adding one more Excel essential skill to your personal arsenal. 

You will learn about:

  • Lookup functions
  • Conditional Formatting

Nick Kenyeres is currently self-employed as a Digital Lifestyle Coach who helps people (and companies) gain a competitive advantage through the innovative use of digital technologies and best practices. He has worked in the Telecommunications industry and has many years of teaching experience. As a part-time Professor at George Brown College he teaches Computer Applications and E-Business courses. In addition, he has taught Accounting Information Systems and Computer Applications courses at Sheridan College.  Nick holds an Electronics Engineering Technology Diploma; a Business Administration Certificate; and a 4-year Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Technology Management.


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