Excel Essentials for Credit Professionals - Part 1

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Presented by Nick Kenyeres

If you’re looking for ways to increase your productivity and get more things done in a work day, this webinar on Excel ESSENTIALS is for you!  During the 1 ½ hour session, attendees will learn about spreadsheet basics through live step-by-step demonstration and using simple exercises that credit professionals can relate to.

You will learn about:

  • Moving around Excel
  • Short cuts that save everybody time
  • Formulas versus Functions
  • IF-statements
  • Basic Statistics
  • Cellular References
  • Charts and graphs

Nick Kenyeres is currently self-employed as a Digital Lifestyle Coach who helps people (and companies) gain a competitive advantage through the innovative use of digital technologies and best practices. He has worked in the Telecommunications industry and has many years of teaching experience. As a part-time Professor at George Brown College he teaches Computer Applications and E-Business courses. In addition, he has taught Accounting Information Systems and Computer Applications courses at Sheridan College.  Nick holds an Electronics Engineering Technology Diploma; a Business Administration Certificate; and a 4-year Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Technology Management.


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