Betting The Company: BOMBARDIER Goes All-In on C Series Jets and Blows Up Its Balance Sheet

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A brief analysis of Bombardier's woes and what we can learn from a company undertaking a massive project, consuming working capital, and ultimately destroying its balance sheet.

Discussion topics will include:

  • Recognizing the early warning signals that led massive losses for shareholders and bondholders.
  • The dilemma for trade creditors that are getting extended or even being asked to compromise payables.
  • The Quebec/Canada bailout - a very Canadian solution
Speaker's Bio

DavidFollowing his early career as a lawyer and banker, David founded Baskin Financial Services Inc. in 1992. The firm, now operating as Baskin Wealth Management, has grown from assets under management of $25 million in 2000 to over $800 million today. Baskin Wealth invests in companies based on fundamental analysis of financial statements and business plans. David appears frequently on national television and radio as a commentator on the markets and is frequently quoted in the press.

David Baskin's interview with Meagan Read of CBC Radio 1


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Presenter: David Baskin

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