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  • Predictive Indicators - Learn how to read the signs and improve your bottom line

    Managing your company’s exposure to risk has become a challenging task. There is more pressure to speed up the credit review process and more responsibility resting on your shoulders to be accountable for your decisions and improve company profitability.

  • Financial Ratios and Related Tools

    A ratio by itself is an incomplete figure that could be misleading if analyzed in isolation. To perform an analysis, inter-related ratios should be examined and calculated over a period of time to see the trends, and then compared to ratios of industry or peers.

  • Standard Ratios

    Liquity Ratios

    • current Ratio
    • Acid Test

    Debit - Equity Ratios

    • Current Debt to Tangible Net Worth
    • Total Debt to Tangible Net Worth
    • Working Capital
    • Net Worth
  • Excel Essentials for Credit Professionals - Part 2
    Each topic in our Excel Essentials for Credit Professionals Series is designed to help you solve a range of problems utilizing a class of functions and/or tools that are often overlooked. In this one-hour webinar our returning guest speaker, Nick Kenyeres, will cover Excel’s lookup functions (vlookup & hlookup) and conditional formatting. Stay ahead of the curve by joining us to learn how you can benefit by adding one more Excel essential skill to your personal arsenal.
  • An Accounts Receivable Integration Framework
    This webinar discusses how to build a strategy and action plan for A/R transformation. You will learn how PrimeSource centralized credit & collections for more than 40,000 customers across 35 locations.
  • From Innovating to Driving Impact
    How Credit Professionals can successfully lead change in their organization. This webinar shows how credit professionals can impact their organization’s performance through the adoption of digital technology tools.
  • Do Not Miss the Warning Signs of Insolvency!
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