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Larry’s Recipe for Success – Top 30 Ingredients


Larry Pollock – “Recipe for Success”

 30 Main Ingredients


1.         Instinct – Believe and rely on your instincts – they are usually right

2.         Experience – Gain all you can

3.         Be Competitive

4.         Teamwork / Loyalty - Get pushed up the Ladder of Success; not pulled

5.         Be Flexible – In the best negotiations, both sides should be winners

6.         Be a Good Listener

7.         Don’t Be a Perfectionist - Get it right; not necessarily perfect

8.         Be Respectful

9.         Be Ethical

10.       Communicate – You must be able to communicate to lead

11.       Be Humble

12.       Be Positive

13.       Be Creative

14.       Decision maker – Indecisive managers are not leaders

15.       Lead by example

16.       Do today what you can leave for tomorrow

17.       Never give up

18.       Set achievable goals

19.       Measure progress regularly

20.       Don’t bet the ranch

21.       Never stop learning

the future is all we have left; make the best of it

23.       Contribute to community

24.       Strong companies make strong communities, strong families

25.       Balance lifestyle to income – not reverse

26.       Stay fit – lazy body; lazy mind

27.       Share the successes – share recognition and credit with others

28.       Use “we” not “I”

29.       Have fun

30.       Give thanks and leave the world a better place than when you entered it


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