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  • Detecting financial statement manipulation

    Archived Webinar

    what you will learn:

    • Understand the importance of financial statements and accounting rules
    • Establish a definition of what may be considered to be financial statement manipulation
    • Learn various ways the accounting rules are (and have been) subject to manipulation in order to adjust the figures presented on a company’s financial statements
    • Introduce some of the tools that can be used to detect potential manipulation of the financial statements

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  • What are the 4 C's of Credit Granting?

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    Character - the desire to pay when debts are due, Capacity - the financial ability to pay debts when due, Capital - the logn-term financial strength to pay, Conditions - factors that affect the debtor, over which they have little or no control

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  • Become A Cost Saving Hero For Your Organization

    Archived Webinar

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  • It's Time to Talk Money: What Credit Professionals need to know about financial hiring and getting hired today

    Archived Webinar
    Discussion topics will include: Trends driving financial hiring, In-demand positions and skills for credit professionals, How employers can attract and retain top performers, Tips for navigating today’s job market, What matters to millennials

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  • International Debt Recovery, Legal Obstacles & Strategies

    Archived Webinar

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Common Credit Management Terms

  • Lien
    A legal right or interest that a creditor has in the debtor's property, lasting usually until the debt that it secures is satisfied.

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