Construction Credit Risk Management

Construction Credit Risk Management—Accredited by Canadian Construction Association

Good credit risk management can increase the profitability of construction businesses.

The construction industry faces some unique risks and challenges in evaluating the credit worthiness of their customers.  This course, developed by credit professionals working in the construction industry, identifies the particular problems that creditors face in the construction industry and provides the tools for addressing these issues so that risk is minimized.

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Upon completion of the course, you should be able to:

  • Analyze and  categorize customer information for risk evaluation purposes
  • Understand the legal background and unique features of the bidding process, construction contracts, and bonds
  • List the common types of defaults.
  • Describe the tools that can be used to reduce construction risk
  • Explain the need for proper cash management in construction
  • Outline methods of improving cash flows.
  • Explain the "lien process" and why liens are an action of last resort

Courses include audio lectures, printed lesson notes and assignments—to reinforce the learning. Access to an on line forum to network with other students

Three assignments must be completed.  65% average mark on the assignments required to complete the course

Course Fees: $399.00+GST/HST*
Course duration: 12 weeks

Graduates receive a Canadian Construction Association Gold Seal Certificate of Accreditation.

*GST/HST is applied to all fees and tuition based on your province/territory of residence:
AB BC NT NU MB PE QC SK YT: 5% | NB NL ON: 13% | NS: 15%

There is no tax charge for students outside of Canada.