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Who are CCP graduates?

Infographic: Who are CCP graduates?
Who are CCP graduates (infographic)

Why should I get certified?

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The Certified Credit Professional designation from the Credit Institute of Canada is a recognized symbol of excellence and integrity in credit management.

You may have noticed that senior management, managers and your peers working in the credit sector use the CCP designation after their name on business cards, professional profile pages and in their email signatures. This is a symbol of their dedication to continuous learning and excellence in the credit field.

You too can join these credit experts by getting certified.

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How do I get certified?

There are numerous paths you can take to get recognition for your credit expertise. The Credit Institute of Canada offers:

  1. The CCP Program
    The CCP designation can be obtained after completing flexible online courses and demonstrating a minimum of 5 years of experience working in the credit sector.

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  2. The CCP Challenge Exam
    If you already have extensive experience in the credit sector and you would like your expertise to be formally recognized, the Challenge Exam may be the route for you. The Challenge Exams allows you to take an equivalency test to obtain the CCP designation.

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