Partners and Links

Educational Institutions

Six of the eight Certified Credit Professional courses are CIC proprietary courses that we have developed to give students the most progressive, targeted training in Credit Management. The remaining two courses are offered at almost all of the Canadian colleges and universities, including:


Canadian Construction Association
The Canadian Construction Association has accredited Credit Institute of Canada's Construction Credit Risk Management course in their Gold Seal Certification Program.

One-World Credit Inc.
One-World Credit Services Inc. has now partnered with the Credit Institute to promote the Credit Basics Program.

Canadian-owned and managed One-World Credit Services Inc. offers over 45 years of global experience in credit information and business training. The accurate, low-cost domestic and international credit reports, business and consumer databases, online business skills courses and professional debt recovery aim to increase the revenue while minimizing the risk.

Chinese Professionals Association of Canada
As part of its community outreach, the Credit Institute of Canada will participate in the 2012 Professional Day and other CPAC events. Credit professionals will lead a seminar to educate CPAC members on the importance of credit education and the benefits companies gain by hiring a CCP- Certified Credit Professional.

The Chinese Professionals Association of Canada (CPAC) was founded in 1992 with the objective of serving and representing the interests of immigrant professionals. The Association has a membership of 26,000 across Canada and is the largest of its kind in Canada. Since 1992, it has expanded to serve diverse internationally trained professionals and plays an increasingly important role in our multicultural Canadian society.

Government Sites

The Unclaimed Dividends Search System
Are you a creditor who thinks there may be unclaimed dividends due to you from a past bankruptcy or proposal?

This is a new service offered by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy. It allows you to quickly and easily search our records for unclaimed dividends.

Canadian Industry Statistics
Analysis of the Canadian stock market by industry and overviews of the manufacturing industries from Canada and the United States.

Construction lien calculator for provinces in Canada
Type in your last day of work or materials supplied on site to calculate the date on which you must file (preserve) your claim for lien against the jobsite.

Personal Property Security Act Information - All Provinces
A summary of Personal Property Secutiry Acts for all provinces and territories of Canada.