Governance and compliance wordart

Below is a list of documents for the use of chapter governance. Chapter governance have 5 sections: position descriptions, terms of reference, forms, task lists, and service agreements. Click on document titles under the different sections to open chapter governance documents.

Position Descriptions
  1. National Director (with obligations and responsibilities to the chapter board)
  2. Role of Chapter Director
  3. President
  4. Vice Presidents
  5. Treasurer
  6. Secretary
Terms of Reference
  1. Chapter Board
  2. Bylaws Committee
  3. Executive Committee
  4. Membership Committee
  5. Newsletter Committee
  6. Nominating Committee
  7. Publicity Committee
  8. Seminar Committee
  9. Social Committee
  10. Student Education & Co-ordination Committee
  11. Ways & Means
  12. ACI Committee
  13. Generic Publication Profile Guide
  14. Criteria for Volunteer Nominees for Election as National Director
  15. Chapter Review Schedule used by National Audit Committee
  16. Financial Reporting Template
  1. Video and Photography Disclaimer (multiple)
  2. Video and Photography Disclaimer (single)
  3. Generic Chapter Proxy
  4. National Proxy
  5. Chapter Volunteer Recruitment Form
  6. Sponsorship Program
  7. Nomination Form
  8. Notice of Change to Bylaws
  9. Budget Form
  10. Self-Assessing Control Framework for Chapters - Updated Apr 2016
  11. Form for Authorized Specimen Signatories at Chapters
  12. Internal Control Policies for Chapters - Updated Feb 2016
  13. ACI Application and Eligibility Qualifications Form
Task Lists
  1. Task List for Chapter Treasurer
  2. Task List for Executive Committee
  3. Task List for Seminar Committee
  4. Task List for Graduation
Service Agreements
  1. External Auditor